Android Technology Like Music to the Ears

Exciting times at Android

What's been happening in the world of Android recently? The most exciting news is the first reveal  of the Galaxy S8 which will be Android's flagship device, as well as a decision with regards to its launch date. And a surprising twist - the name Nokia is returning to the galaxy 8world of smartphones! The rumor is that the new model will be the Nokia 8 which will be in direct competition with the Galaxy 8!

In China alone, some one million people have registered for Nokia's pre-sale smartphones. The Nokia 6 was sold in China by way of a flash sale - one of the country's classic marketing strategies. Nokia hopes that strong sales in China will cause a knock on effect elsewhere in the world.HMD Global, a Finnish company that develops mobile devices using the "Nokia" brand name will announce a number of brand new Nokia smartphones, powered by Android during 2017, which will be sold throughout the US and Western Europe.

Hot keys keyboard cover

In other tech news EasySession offers a Serato DJ Hot Keys keyboard cover which can be used by those with all levels of knowledge. More information and images can be found if you click here.

So what is a Serato DJ Hot Keys keyboard cover? Well its a new and upcoming program consisting of virtual decks, samplers, loops, settings and much much more. It provides the many DJ keyboard shortcuts which removes the need for memorizing. So this is really a phenomenon in terms of DJ performance.  Shortcuts to the the right and left decks are included, as well as a number of additional control and alt key combination shortcuts!

For DJ pros the Serato Hot Keys keyboard cover will stop such problems as accidentally mixing up shortcuts for the drop and the loop when you are in the midst of a set in front of a jumping crowd. The keyboard cover leaves you to concentrate on your music and enjoy the moment. All in all you will find you're able to provide a smoother performance. serato dk hot keys keyboard cover

Made from soft, transparent silicon the keyboard cover protects your own keyboard from all manner of spillages, dust, crumbs, etc. And it is also very simple to use. All you need to do is slide the silicon cover over the keyboard, and immediately you will see that the silicon, which is a high quality material, will attach itself to the keys. There is no slippage whatsoever. Even more helpful to the busy DJ are the color coded Serato shortcuts which are so clear and easy to find. Once your set is over, its as simple as slipping the cover off an packing it up with all your equipment.

When your set is complete and the crowd roars, you can slip it off just as easily and pack The cover is tough and stretchy and can be rolled, folded or stuffed into your bag without fear of damage. You can also easily hand wash your keyboard cover in soap and water - great for removing all the sticky beer and other spillages!

So don't waste any time and order your Serato Hot Keys keyboard cover today - and your music will be available at the click of your your fingers on a tough and durable keyboard.