The ability to render lines as smooth curves is a fairly frequent request.  There are a number of algorithms floating around that use Android's cubicTo(...) and quadTo(...) methods but they all produce a line that overshoots it's control points, sometimes by a lot.  What's needed is a Catmull-Rom spline interpolation […]

Smooth curves and Androidplot

Synchronization Changes in 0.5.2 This information primarily applies only to dynamic plots;  static (unchanging) plots need not concern themselves with synchronization topics. When it comes to new development, the #1 concern for Androidplot is data integrity.  What is meant by "data integrity" is that when you look at a plot, […]

Synchronization Changes in 0.5.2

Point Labeling Tools in 0.5.1 Two new features for labeling data have been added to Androidplot in 0.5.1: PointLabelFormatter First, the LineAndPointFormatter has been updated to support drawing text strings above the points themselves.  Using this functionality is as simple as passing in an instance of PointLabelFormatter to your addSeries […]

Point Labeling Tools in 0.5.1

Androidplot 0.5.1 Released Finally!  Note that while this release does contain a few known issues but they are primarily issues that the typical user will not not notice. See the official release page for more details.

Androidplot 0.5.1 Released

New Website We finally got our new website up and running and so far so good.  Here's the best of what's new: A Blog That's this section right here.  We'll be posting the latest updates here as they happen. New Forum We've replaced our in-house forum with Google Groups.  This […]

New Website